The Role of Best Penis Extender in Penis Expansion

A lot of attention has been given towards male sexuality in the recent years making those men who do not have a long organ or feel inadequate. For most men with this issue, they have often resorted to a number of solutions including the use of pills in order to enhance the size of their penis.  Consequently, other solutions such as the use of the best penis extender also prove to be equally effective to offer a solution to this embarrassing problem.

For starters, penis traction device are designed to enlarge the male organ, remove any curve as well as promote a better erection. The male extender device have has been known to enlarge the organ unconsciously effectively creating some more room between cells. Once the cells have created enough space between them, they begin to separate. Therefore, having further cells means that your organ will have extra aptitude for blood that eventually promotes an erection.

What are the best penis extender?

With the technological advancement in science, fortunately some good male enhancement product manufacturing companies come with more sophisticated designed penis extenders. We found Size Genetics, Pro extender. PeyroniesDevice & Vimax Extender to be more reliable, trusted & proved. SizeGenetics, ProExtender, Vimax Extender are much older players and already proved to be the best penis extender. While PeyroniesDevice is a bit younger than them but it is designed specially to treat peyronies disease apart from penis enlargement. We shall publish the best penis extender reviews in the days to come. You must read SizeGenetics Review which proved to be one of the best penis extender.

#1 SizeGenetics


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#2 Proextender



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#3 Peyronies Device

Peyronies Device

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#4 Vimax Extender

vimax extender

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How the Penis Extender Device Works?

One of the questions that many people ask before purchasing or using the penile extender is how does it work? To understand how this device works, you first need to understand what happens during an erection. When aroused, the penile shaft within the erectile chamber is filled with blood that stays there until when a full erection is attained. What this means is that the size of the erectile chamber influences the size of the penis. Therefore, the erectile tissue must be enlarged in order to promote the enlargement of the male enlargement organ.

Therefore, the male extender device plays the vital role of boosting the body’s ability to grow by way of physical manipulation. This device gently applies traction over the lower part of the penis effectively triggering growth. That is, cells within the erectile chamber are replicated into thousands as a result of this in to new tissue cells. The resultant effect is a penis not only grows longer but also harder and thicker. These changes are permanent so you do not have to worry about the penis shrinking back to its original size.

Adjustable Penis Traction Apparatus

One of the reasons why the male extender device in male enlargement has been a resounding success is the fact that the traction apparatus is fully adjustable. This means that as the longitudinal force on the penis’s shaft increases gradually the body responds through the multiplication as well as that expansion of the tissues in the penile area, albeit gradually. As such, the process of enlargement is not just natural but gradual hence you should not expect instant results as you will experience the different over a period of time. The major disadvantage of using this mode of male organ enlargement is that you will be required to have the device on for at least 6 hours a day. This is not only intimidating but also painful. Even then, these devices cannot be noticed through clothes so you can have it on during the day without worrying that it is noticeable. Alternatively, you can also opt to have the device on through the night. The best penis extenders listed above are very much beneficial for treatment of peyronie’s disease & useful in reducing abnormal curvature.

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