Top 3 Penis Extenders For Length & Grith

best penis extendersAttention has been given towards penis extenders in the recent years to make a bigger dick. For most men with a smaller penis, they have often resorted to a number of solutions including the use of male enhancement pills in order to increase the size of their penis.  Consequently, pills prove to be more effective to attain rock hard erection whereas penis stretchers prove to be more useful to make your penis larger. The combined use of male enhancement pills & extenders also gains you better results.

What is penile extender?

For starters, penis traction device is designed to enlarge the male organ, remove any curve as well as work as a stretcher and help you to make penis bigger. The male extender device has been known to enlarge the penis effectively. Once the cells have created enough space between them, they begin to separate. Therefore, having further cells means that your organ will have an extra aptitude to make your penis longer.

What are the best penis extenders?

With the technological advancement in science, fortunately, some good male enhancement product manufacturing companies come with more sophisticated designed dick extenders. We found Size Genetics, Pro Extender, PeyroniesDevice to be more reliable & have proven results. SizeGenetics, ProExtender are much older players and already proved to be the best penis extenders. While Peyronies edition from SizeGenetics designed specially to treat Peyronies disease apart from penis enlargement.

Rated #1 SizeGenetics


SizeGenetics Review

You must read SizeGenetics Review which proved to be one of the best penis stretchers.

Rated # No. 2 Proextender

proextender penis extenders


Rated #3 SizeGenetics Peyronies Edition

SizeGenetics Peyronies Edition

Do Penis Extenders Work?

The male extender device plays the vital role of boosting the body’s ability to grow by way of physical manipulation. This device gently applies traction over the lower part of the penis effectively triggering growth. By this way, The cells within the erectile chamber are replicated into thousands of new tissue cells. The result of this effects in a penis not only grows your penis longer but also harder and thicker. These changes are permanent so you do not have to worry about the penis shrinking back to its original size.

Adjustable Penis Traction Apparatus

One of the reasons why the male extender device in male enlargement has been a resounding success is the fact that the traction apparatus is fully adjustable. This means that as the longitudinal force on the penis’s shaft increases gradually the body responds through the multiplication as well as that expansion of the tissues in the penile area, albeit gradually. As such, the process of enlargement is not just natural but gradual hence you should not expect instant results as you will experience the difference over a period of time.

Are penile extenders dangerous?

If you use non-branded & low-quality dick extenders, there are chances of harmful reactions. As the penis stretchers are basically traction devices, the wrong traction can cause damage to penile tissues instead of providing the good result. Hence we should be extra cautious choosing the right penis enlargement device.

Choosing the right penis extender

Please look into the following points while choosing the best penis extender in the market.

  1. Always look for a good penis stretcher brand.
  2. The product should be clinically proven & endorsed by doctors.
  3. The company manufacturing the penis enlargement device should have a good track record.
  4. The materials used in the extender device should be up to the standards.
  5. Ensure to purchase the extenders from the concern official website to avoid the duplicate product.
  6. Avoid homemade penis extenders which can be dangerous as these products are do not made as per the right guidelines.

Comparison among the top 2 penis extenders

Let us have a brief comparison between Sizegenetics and Proextender so that it will be much easier to pick the best extender among the two.

Manufacturer Info

Sizegenetics is owned & operated by DanaMedic ApS of Denmark. Sizegenetics have customer support facilities at USA & UK.

Proextender is owned by Leading Edge Health Limited. The company is based in the USA & offering a whole lot of health, skin care, anti-aging and male enhancement products.

Comfort level

Both the brands have good designs and material to provide ultimate comfort while using their penis extenders. They even advise to use the product at workplace using loose trousers and even while sleeping subject to, you do not have much movement.


Both the products have shown outstanding results. It needs regular use to gain maximum length and girth. Both the penis extenders are leaders in their field for over a decade.


Sizegenetics have four models including the Peyronie’s edition available for sale. The price range starts from $199.95 to $299.95.

Whereas Proextender has two models which include regular & deluxe models. The price range starts from $299.95 to $399.95 after discounts.


Sizegenetics offer 4(four months) of guarantee on their device. In order to qualify money back, you have to provide before and after picture of your penis. You also have to provide a log or diary mentioning that you have used at least minimum 1200gm traction daily for five hours.

In case of Proextender, they offer 187 days (180days + 7 days return sipping) unconditional money back guarantee. You shall get back your money deducting the shipping cost without any hassle.

Finally which one to choose

We have seen both the companies offer quality products and also have a good track record. If we look at the overall pricing of both the penis traction device, Proextender price is higher than Sizegenetics penis extender. If we look at the guarantee offered by both the products Proextender is providing better offer than Sizegenetics.

Looking at the above options, you are free to choose any brand among the two to make your penis longer. As we look deeper “Sizegenetics Ultimate System” looks like the winner. It provides value for money by offering so many valuable stuff besides the regular offer. This package comes with Revita cream moisturiser, Traction Plus powder & luxury leather case. Penis Health DVD and Seduction & fitness ebooks are other attraction of this package. Three sizes of elongation bars and 58 way ultimate comfort system are the additional comfort systems which come with comfort package and the ultimate package of Sizegenetics extenders.

While we look at “Deluxe Proextender” offer it comes with all good stuff along with a metal cover. This model of Proextender is also effective to cure penile curvature. If you have curved penis or Peyronie’s issue than you can also prefer Sizegenetics Curvature & Peyronie special edition for a better result.