Sizegenetics Review : Does Sizegenetics Actually Work?

SizeGenetics extender is the most powerful penis enlargement device on the market. This is important as with this the medical society gives credibility to this product and hence the Sizegenetics review is helpful for people who are planning to try this product out. There are lots of products in the penis enlargement field which are ineffective but are being used for the promotions. Thus after thorough research & going through the Sizegenetics reviews from various sources, we found it beneficial to present the review to you.

Does Sizegenetics work?

Sizegenetics extender, as already mentioned is a male enhancement product.  When used, the penis length increases by 1 to 3 inches. On the other hand, the penis girth also increases which can boost up the experience in libido to up to 20% of the original experience. It is available in almost all the online stores which deal with the male enhancement products and available in the departmental stores as well. The product is also effective in treating penile curvature as well as Peyronies disease. The 58-way comfort Sizegenetics system & its unique design make it safer for use.

● Can help extend the penis easily by inches
● Device recommended by penis enlargement surgeons
● Free exercises to help you strengthen the erections
● Originally designed to help with curvature correction
● Techniques to help control the ejaculation
● Help improve the confidence at bed

Sizegenetics results

Sizegenetic extender uses the principle of traction to help the natural growth of the penis over a duration of time. As any muscle of the body can extend when traction or extender is applied, the same principle can be applied to the penis also. The Sizegenetics extender allows the cells to grow which ultimately result in the growth of the penis itself. Unlike other penis enhancement product available in the market, Size genetics use the natural methods and increases the strength, length, as well as the girth of the penis & Sizegenetics results, are extraordinary. The comfort level of the device is the best among the penis stretchers available in the market.

Sizegenetics before and after

sizegenetics review

Click to see the Sizegenetics before and after picture, which are real case-studies of happy & satisfied customers. You can also find numerous Sizegenetics testimonials filled with success stories of customers those have extended their genitals size substantially by using Sizegenetics device.

The scam associated with Size Genetics

The Sizegenetics scam is now considered as a rumor which was done to provide a bad name to the product. However, fake products are also present in the market. It is very difficult to differentiate between the fake and the real product as the differences are really subtle in nature. However, when bought from the official website, it ensures that the product is authentic in nature.

Where to buy Sizegenetics extender?

It is always advisable to buy Sizegenetics from their official website. Sizegenetics extender can be bought online at so that one can avail the full support & guarantee available. They have also great customer support stationed at US & UK. They have provided telephone no.s & email support through web form located at customer support page. If you are from countries like Australia, Canada, UK and other than the US, click the specified links mentioned above the home page right-hand corner which will take you to the desired page.

Sizegenetics Price & Discount

You will get 40% off now on the regular price of Sizegenetics which is available for limited time only. Apart from the Sizegenetics discount, you will also receive two free e-books named “Confidence Bible” and “Ultimate Guide to Penis Enlargement”.

SizeGenetics DiscountSizegenetics comes with four different packages to fit according to your need & Sizegenetics cost vary accordingly.

Option #1: The SizeGenetics™ Ultimate System

This package cost is now offered at $299.95 by which you save around $200.00 on the regular price of the device.

Option #2: The SizeGenetics™ Comfort Package

This package cost $399.95, it includes the price of 58-way comfort tech system, Sizegenetics luxury leather case & instructional DVD.

Option #3: The SizeGenetics™ Value Edition

This package cost $199.95, instead of $274.95. It includes instructional DVD only. It comes with two elongation bars, one comfort strap, and one comfort pad.

Option #4: Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition

The Peyronie’s edition is the special model which helps to treat curvature and Peyronies in the penis. The price of this edition is available at a discounted price of $299.95, instead of $499.95.

Why Should You Prefer to Buy SizeGenetics

  • The company is offering 120 days double money back guarantee.
  • Its Ultimate Comfort™ 58 Way System makes it the most comfortable penis extender in the world.
  • SizeGenetics offers 50% more tension than other leading devices.
  • Endorsed by doctors and backed by an authentic medical device certificate.
  • Show real before and after photos.

Pros and cons of Sizegenetics

In order to buy Sizegenetics, one should check out the pros as well as the cons of the product.


The advantages of the product include the fact that it is Medical type I object according to the CE standards. The penis extender is clinically tested and effective for men of all ages. It comes with silicon trap pads for better comfort & the tension which is adjustable to provide better comfort for users. SizeGenetics helps in the achievement of length and breadth of the penis and helps to achieve long lasting erections. This is also an effective treatment replacing surgeries to correct problems related to penis enlargement.


Size Genetics price is a bit higher because of its unique materials & design, unlike other male enhancement alternatives. Hence might cause someone to think twice before buying it. Unlike other male enhancement product in the market, the Sizegenetics extender takes some time to achieve the desired results.