Tips on How To Increase Sperm Volume

Tips on How To Increase Sperm VolumeContrary to popular belief, it is not the male sexual organ that is responsible for making babies. The sperm is the organ charged with this duty. However, men with a low sperm count or are impotent may engage in sexual activity, however, the sperm will not be strong enough to fertilize the female egg.

This also means that the essence of sex which is reproduction will not be achieved after the sexual session. Studies have shown the sexuality of a man is grossly affected by the volume of sperm he has.

This is the reason why men are being urged to increase sperm volume.

Just like most of the things in the world, for anything to become effective, quality and quantity play a key role in them. It would be wise to further say; a man with a high sperm quality but the sperm quality is low will not be able to fertilize an egg.

That addition will help you understand why a lot of sperm die before reaching the female egg. Proven research clearly indicates how among the millions of sperm cells ejaculated from a male’s sexual organ just a few manage to reach the egg.

This is the part where you understand that volume is critical. The more sperm cells ejaculated, the higher the probability of fertilization.

What Causes Low Sperm Volume?

 Low sperm volume doesn’t normally occur on its own. It results from several factors which some include:

  • Excessive masturbation
  • Obesity and Overweight
  • Smoking
  • Drug abuse
  • Use of steroids to aid in sexual activity
  • Illness
  • Radiation
  • Alcohol
  • Diseased testicles or semen
  • Continuous or Uncontrolled ejaculation in a short time range
  • Disorders with the prostate gland
  • Heat in the pubic region
  • Genetic mutation or disorders

Fortunately, just like a lot of other physical problems, increase in sperm volume can be achieved through several natural ways that include:

Healthy Eating

Eating unhealthy foods high in unprocessed fats, saturated fats, fast foods and foods that have low fibre content on a daily basis will cause the sperm volume to go low. Ensure that foods you eat include ingredients that will help your body increase sperm volume.

It is high time you stopped consuming processed foods and started consuming foods that are rich in zinc. Oysters are a good start. Again, medical science has proven that foods rich in zinc have been found to increase testosterone production.

Since you can’t include oysters as a daily food, you can constitute with other foods such as bananas, pork, avocados and bananas.

Vitamins have been recorded to aid your body increase sperm volume. By consuming vitamin C and E, you will help your body increase the production and swimming action of the sperm cells. Men who do not consume enough amounts of the vitamins stated above will most instantly suffer from sperm reduction.

Regular Exercise

Exercising the pelvic (PC) muscles regularly will help you increase sperm volume and ejaculation. Exercising the PC muscle will contribute to you having faster and better orgasms and moreover, you will have complete control over your sperm volume, penis erections and sperm ejaculations.

Yoga is a nice exercise routine for men as well. Practising yoga exercises is a great way of strengthening the entire sperm production mechanism thus leading to increase in sperm volume. For the busy bodies, you can squeeze the PC muscle; hold it into position for twenty seconds and release.

This is an exercise routine that should be done for five minutes continuously three to four times a day. The beauty of this exercise is, it can be by busy bodies without losing concentration or getting distracted.

With a healthy diet combine with an exercise regime, you will increase sperm volume within no time!